Why using Video Marketing is the future!

Some of the benefits of using video marketing in 2019 


Sales and Conversions

Videos have a much higher chance of attracting a larger number of viewers and increasing your leads into conversions.

Consumer Buying Behavior

Videos can make it a lot easier to showcase your brand, product usage and for reviews and testimonials.

Social Media Engagement

So far this year, Video makes up for 80% of all of the content on social media and that number is steadily rising. Your audience are far more likely to engage with video than written content and if you aren't posting videos you are going to be left behind.

More Time Spent by Visitors

Video increases the overall time spent on a website or social media page, thus creating more opportunity for exposure.

Website Bounce Rate

Using video, you are far more likely to decrease the bounce rate on a landing page, and rank higher on search engines like Google.

High ROI

Because videos generate such good traffic, they are by far the smart choice to get the best Return on Investment.

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